January News, Updates,

& Events

Skate Friends and Family,

There will be Birthday Party pricing changes that will be effective starting Jan. 1st 2022. Please see the “Party Packages” tab on our homepage for more information.

We now have a “Drop Off Rate” for anyone ages 13-19. Anyone in this age range who is dropped off at our skating rink and if they are unchaperoned the admission price is $25.00. This is to aid us in providing a safe, fun, & family friendly environment. To Avoid the $25.00 Drop off Rate, come in and sign your children up for VIP cards. This is a free card for your kids to have, however if they lose(haven it taken away) the card by misbehaving. They will then revert back to the $25.00 Fee.

This Month we have some fun things going on:

  • Skate Lessons Are Still On A Roll!!
  • Jan. 7th – Mowat School Fundraiser Night 5-9pm
  • Jan. 14th – Merrett Brown School Fundraiser Night 5-9pm
  • Jan. 15th – Is National Hat Day. Wear your favorite “appropriate” hat and receive $1.00 off of Admission
  • Jan. 17th – Martian Luther King Day – We will be open from 1-4pm
  • Jan. 21st – Southport School Fundraiser Night 5-9pm
  • Jan. 28th – Tyndall Academy School Fundraiser Night 5-9pm
  • Jan. 29th – National Corn Chip Day – Nachos & Frito Pie will be sold at 50% off
  • Jan. 30th – National Hot Cocoa Day – 1 Free Hot Cocoa w/Paid Admission
  • Jan. 30th – Adult Night 7-10pm