August News, Updates,

& Events

Skate Friends and Family,

All Skate Rental Prices will be $5.00 effective Oct. 1st 2022

We now have a “VIP Rink Rat Program” for anyone ages 11-19 being dropped off at the skating rink. Anyone in this age range who not signed up for this program and is dropped off at our skating rink and unchaperoned, the admission price is $25.00. This is to aid us in providing a safe, fun, & family friendly environment. To Avoid the $25.00 Drop off Rate, come in and sign your children up for VIP Rink Rat cards. This is a free card for your kids to have, however if they lose (haven it taken away) the card by misbehaving or not following our posted rules. They will then revert back to the $25.00 Fee. The VIP Rink Rat card must be presented at the admissions window when paying for any and all sessions.

In Addition ANY skater of 10 years of age and younger MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian/chaperone of 18 years of age or older, & must be present in the building at all times.

Our Summer Skate Schedule is effective thru 6/6/2023 – 8/4/2023

This Month we have some fun things going on:

  • Skate Lessons Are Still On A Roll!! We have a cut off time for skate lesson students. We have to stop accepting students after 5pm, as this disrupts the class and is not fair on the students who showed up on time. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We also offer Adult Skate lessons (by appointment Only) Come in or Call for more information!
  • SPEED TEAM – Skaters Choice is starting up a speed team. Call or come in for more information.
  • August 4th – Mowat Sk8 Night 5-9 $13 Admission
  • August 5th – Elementary Back to School Bash 10AM-Noon $8 Admission
  • August 11th – Balloon Back to School Sk8 Party 5PM-11Pm $20 Admission
  • August 25th – Tyndall Sk8 Night 5-9 $13 Admission
  • August 25th – Adult Night 9pm-12am $15 Admission